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"Lady Gaga grabs your phone, she gonna put her number in your cellphone.  A Will.I.Am text pops up, and what happens?" (x)






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Girl meets world addresses Cultural appropriation

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Broadway Elphabas - Idina Menzel

Who is Elphaba to you?
"Elphaba is a little bit of every girl/woman I know who is struggling to find themselves, to harness their power and to believe in their unconventional beauty."
October 30, 2003 - January 9, 2005




Acid attack survivors in India model new clothing range for powerful photoshoot

Survivors of acid attacks in India have become the face of a new clothing range designed by a woman who had acid thrown in her face while she was asleep four years ago.Delhi-based designer Rupa and her friends Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal modelled the clothes from her new range, Rupa Designs, for photographer Rahul Saharan.

Rupa suffered extensive injuries when her stepmother threw acid in her face while she was sleeping in 2008.

She was allegedly left without any medical aid for six hours before her uncle found her and transported her to hospital, where she underwent eleven operations and spent three months being cared for.

this is so powerful

Bless them and their beautiful spirits


Troian Bellisario accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & gets doused by her fiancé, Patrick Adams ♡

not to be annoying but as we are in a serious drought please share your ice bucket water with a friend and recycle it (like I did with @halfadams and you will see it’s very satisfying. I think he got a little too much enjoyment out of this… But my revenge tasted so sweet)

Sophie Turner and Pedro Pascal taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for ALS.